Knomad Wine Group

We are a Sales & Marketing Partner for our labels:

Knomad wine was conceived out of a recognition that small elite sustainably farmed wineries, cideries and meaderys could grow and prosper with a model that provides them with a selling solution for beverage producers seeking to maintain their authenticity, individuality, and focus. With our promise of personalized attention, closely monitored inventory and dedicated account management, Knomad is re-defining the marketplace and offering solutions that will bring world class beverages to a broader audience.

With over 25 years in the food and beverage industry, our experienced sales staff understands the complexity involved in daily operations and our team cooperative will work with retail and on-premise locations to enhance portfolios and provide increased access to boutique producers of sustainable artesianal products.

We are a fulfillment House:
Knomad is the distribution solution for beverage producers seeking a complete and
customized fulfillment service. With over 25 years experience in the industry, Knomad has the passion, drive and capability to help wineries and cideries manage their brand in the market.

We are a temperature controlled, secure, TTB and OLCC licensed & bonded wine
storage facility with full service capabilities.

•State of the art inventory management – 99.99% inventory accuracy
•Dedicated inventory management team to collaborate and manage your inventory levels
•On-line real-time inventory reports and tools
•Temperature controlled facilities
•Speedy and accurate order fulfillment
•Invoicing and payment collection for your orders
•Sales reports sent with our deposit notification to your bank
•Support compliance with the OLCC regulations
•Next day delivery for the Portland Metro Area

Serving Oregon State-Wide

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